District 19


10/8/2016 .... The year end points have been updated to include the info from the final race of the year held last weekend. As in years past, the final document includes a summary per boater of all classes run and a top ten summary of all classes.

Now that the district heat racing is complete for the year - time to think about the year-end meeting and banquet, see document with information on both. Reminder: Proposals to be discussed at the year-end meeting need to be submitted by November 1st.

9/19/2016 .... The points have been updates with the results from this weekend's district heat race results.

9/13/2016 .... For those attending the district heat race this coming weekend at Legg Lake, Kent Elder asked that we let folks know that Ron Buck will be making homemade chili which will be available on Saturday for lunch until gone.




Fun, Fun, & More Fun!

Upcoming Races:

                     10/1-10/2 - Tempe

                     11/11-11/13 - Legg Lake

                     Season complete


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