District 19


12/6/2016 ... For those in the LA area: Legg Lake will be closed to boating on Thursday December 15th for a film shoot.

11/27/2016 .... Anyone interested in getting a jump on the 2017 race season as well as a trip to sunny Florida, see invite from District 3 to attend their 36th Annual Winter Nationals in January.

11/20/2016 .... It's amazing how time flies, another week has past and the start of the holiday season is just around the corner with Thanksgiving this coming week. There are also only 3 weeks left before our year-end meeting and banquet, don't forget to sign-up if you're planning to attend. Click here for information on this year's event and a list of who's already RSVP'd.

11/14/2016 .... Only 4 weeks left until our year-end meeting and banquet in Laughlin. Here are the proposals that have been submitted for discussion / voting on at this year's meeting.




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                     11/11-11/13 - Legg Lake

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