District 19


7/25/2016 .... Photos from the last two district heat races and the NAMBA Nationals have been loaded. 

7/12/2016 .... The points have been updated with the results from this weekend's heat race.

7/4/2016 .... Happy Independence Day! Below are the classes that qualified for next weekend's heat race in LA:

Saturday: G-1 Mono, G-2 Mono, G-1 Cat, G-1 Sport Hydro, G-1 Outrigger, G-1 Crackerbox, Jersey Skiff, Sportsman Mono Sat, Classic Thunderboat, Rookie
Sunday:GX-1/GX-2 Mono, GX-1/GX-2 Cat, GX-1/GX-2 Sport Hydro, GX-1/GX-2 Outrigger, GX-1/GX-2 Crackerbox, Open Oval, Open Offshore,  Sportsman Mono Sun, Rookie




Fun, Fun, & More Fun!

Upcoming Races:

                     8/20-8/21 - Legg Lake

                     11/11-11/13 - Legg Lake

                     7/30-7/31 - Legg Lake


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