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1/17/2015 .... Photos from the 2014 Awards Banquet have been uploaded for viewing on the Photos page - thank you Richard Hazelwood for providing those for us to share. Included in these are some of the Legg Lake Time Capsule opening that occurred at the banquet. I am working to digitize all of the items from the time capsule (photos, videos, news articles, etc.) so that they can be posted on the website for all to see. Its turned out to be a bit larger of a task then I had thought when I volunteered to do it. More to come as that progresses.

1/5/2015 .... The district rules have been updated to include the new rules voted on at the year-end meeting.

1/1/2015 .... Information for the Havasu Heat Race is now available.

12/31/2014 .... The gate at Legg Lake will be re-keyed this Saturday around 7am, with keys being available for purchase around 10am. Keys are $25 this year. Please bring your 2015 NAMBA card with you, as keys will not be sold without one. If you are still waiting for your current card please ask Al Waters to email a confirmation to you that can be brought as proof instead. Also please see attached letter discussing the Legg Lake Fund and key program from 2014.

12/29/2014 .... The schedule for 2015 has been finalized and added to the website. As information is received from the various host clubs on their events we will be adding links to the Race Info pages for each to the Schedule page. Also see the following letter summarizing the results of the voting on the proposals from the year-end meeting.

12/9/2014 .... For those planning to attend the year-end meeting next weekend, please remember it starts at 11am. The proposals that will be discussed and voted on were posted on 11/14/14 (see News item from that day for link to the  document).

12/1/2014 .... The Legg Lake Time Capsule will be removed from the driver's stand at around noon on Friday December 5th. Though the time capsule itself won't be opened until the following Saturday at the District Banquet in Laughlin, there will be a removal celebration at the lake on December 5th as it's removed, which will include cake and drinks.

11/18/2014 .... Various updates:
- The previous post regarding Joel Forrest has been updated to include funeral service information.
- Information on next year's FE Nationals, being held in Colorado, is now available
- The proposals document has been updated to include one proposal that got missed in the original posting (shown on page 14-15).
- Please see letter from Al Waters in regards to possible special/fun run for Nitro/FE next year. Will discuss at the end of the year-end meeting and if folks are interested races will be added to the schedule after all other races have been scheduled.

11/16/2014 .... For those of you that knew Joel Forrest, a District 19 boater since the 80s, it is with great sadness that I post that he passed away this past Wednesday. He leaves behind a wonderful wife Pam and his son Shane and his family Diana & Cole Forrest. Funeral services will be next Saturday 11/22 at 2pm at the Lietz-Fraze Funeral Home (21 Riviera Blvd, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403, 928-855-4949). Joel you will be greatly missed my friend.

11/14/2014 .... The proposals to be discussed and voted on at the year-end meeting on December 13th are now available.

11/5/2014 .... For those that qualify, you can now sign-up for the ShootOut on the - labeled "D19 Shootout Dec 6th". We will be taking the top 6 interested boaters out of the top 10 for each class. 

10/25/2014 .... Being the website editor it always saddens me to post these notices and especially now that I must post one of my own. It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of Robert "Bob" Osborne, my father-in-law. For those that didn't know him he started model boating with his son Jim Osborne back in the mid 80's, even serving as assistant district director in the early 90's.  Services will be held next Saturday November 1st, for more information please see

10/19/2014 .... The year end heat racing points file has been updated to include two additional summary listings. The first is a listing by racer of how they did in all the classes that they raced this year. The second is a listing of the top 10 finishers in all the classes run combined together, as opposed to have to look at the classes individually. Links to both of these summaries have been added at the top of the first page of the document.

10/16/2014 .... For SCSTA members: The annual meeting will be held Saturday November 22nd at 9:00am at Russ Starks's office, located at 500 Points Drive, Building 10, Suite 400, Brea CA. 

10/13/2014 .... Now that the main racing season is over it's time to focus on some year-end activities, specifically the  the year-end meeting and banquet.
- Reminder any proposals that you want to submit for voting on at the year-end meeting must be sent to Rob Martinez before November 1st. They will then be posted on the website by November 15th for review prior to the meeting.
- In regards to the banquet, you can now signup for it on the RCRacingEvents website, listed as "Laughlin NV 12-13-14 Banquet".  Remember this year there is a discount being offered on your banquet ticket if you pay in advance, see letter for more details on the banquet.

10/7/2014 .... The points from this weekend's Rum Racing Heat Race are now available. Congratulations to all our year-end class winners.

9/30/2014 .... The points from this weekend's SCSTA race are now available.

9/29/2014 .... The following classes have qualified for the upcoming Rum Racing/Kiwanis Lake Heat Race:
Saturday: P LTD Sport Hydro, G-1 Mono, G-1 Cat, G-1 Sport, G-1 Outrigger, G-1 Crackerbox, G-2 Mono, Classic Thunderboat.
Sunday: P-Ltd Catamaran, P Mono, Gas Rookie, GX-1 Mono, GX-1 CAT, GX-1 Sport Hydro, GX-1 Crackerbox, GX2-Mono, GX2-Outrigger, Open Oval, Open Offshore, Gas Outboard Tunnel, Vintage/10th Scale.
The following classes did not qualify:
GX-2 Cat, Jersey Skiff, G-2 Sport Hydro, X Mono, G-2 Cat, GX-1 Outrigger, GX-2 Sport Hydro, GX-2 Crackerbox, A Hydro, X Hydro 

9/15/2014 .... The RC Racing Events website has been down for several days, and we have not heard an ETA for it coming back up. For anyone trying to enter the upcoming SCSTA race at Legg Lake scheduled for Sept 21st you may send an email to to enter.  For anyone trying to enter the upcoming Heat Race at Tempe Kiwanis Lake scheduled for Oct 4-5, please send an email to or call 480-946-7262 to enter.  Be sure to include in your email: your name, NAMBA #, the classes you want to enter, and frequency for each class.

9/10/2014 .... For those that may have heard otherwise the SCSTA race scheduled for September 21st is still on.

9/8/2014 .... The 
points from last weekend's H20 Gassers Heat Race are now available.

8/28/2014 .... Please see the following 
letter regarding important information regarding this year's year end banquet.
- Also note the 
Schedule page has been updated to reflect that there will not be a World Cup this year and the Printable Version of the schedule has been updated to reflect the changes in dates for the Banquet and Shootout (as noted in News item dated 6/27/14).

8/15/2014 .... The 
points from the San Diego Cup Heat Race are now available for review.

8/4/2014 .... The following classes qualified for the upcoming San Diego Cup Heat Race:
Saturday: Classic Thunderboat, G-1 Cat, G-1 Crackerbox, G-1 Mono, G-1 Outrigger, G-1 Sport Hydro,
G-2 Mono, Jersey Skiff
Sunday: Gas Rookie, GX-1 Cat, GX1 Crackerbox, GX-1 Mono, GX-1 Sport Hydro, GX-2 Mono, GX-2 Outrigger, Open Offshore. Open Oval, Gas OB Tunnel

6/27/2014 .... Various updates:
- The 
points from the Amigos Heat Race on June 14-15 are now available.
- The 
points from the SCSTA race on June 22 are now available.
- The proposal for making the San Diego Heat Race a double points race did not pass (see News item from 5/20/14 for  original proposal wording).
- It was decided that we will have a Shootout this year, which will take place at Legg Lake on Saturday December 6th.
- The Legg Lake time capsule (which was placed into the driver's stand back when it was built in 1989) will be removed on Friday December 5th and will be opened at this year's banquet, which has been moved from it's originally scheduled date to December 13th (the special date of 12/13/14).

6/10/2014 .... The following classes qualified for the upcoming Amigos District Heat Race:
Saturday: Classic Thunderboat, G-1 Cat, G-1 Crackerbox, G-1 Mono, G-1 Outrigger, G-1 Sport Hydro,
G-2 Mono, Jersey Skiff, P Ltd Sport Hydro
Sunday: Gas Rookie, GX-1 Cat, GX1 Crackerbox, GX-1 Mono, GX-1 Sport Hydro, GX-2 Mono, GX-2 Outrigger, Open Offshore. Open Oval, P Mono, Gas OB Tunnel

6/8/2014 .... Note from Neil Boyle: Preparations are underway for the 2nd Annual San Diego Cup (District Heat Race # ), August 9-10, 2014. For more information please visit

6/5/2014 .... Various items:
- The
 points from the SCSTA race on June 1st are now available.
- Gentle reminder: Even though the deadline to enter most of our district heat races isn't until the Sunday right before, that doesn't mean that you have to wait until then to enter. Some boaters can only work on their boats during the weekends so not knowing if a particular class is going to make it until that time doesn't give them a lot of time to get them put together. You can always change your entry later if you entered early and it turns out that something won't be ready in time.  

5/22/2014 .... The 
points from the Las Vegas race are now available.

5/20/2014 .... Various updates:
- The 
points from the SCSTA race on May 4th are now available.
- There is a 
proposal up for vote at the next district heat race (Amigos Racing - June 14-15) which will follow the Non Year-end Meeting/Rule Proposal process. The meeting will occur Saturday after the conclusion at the lake.

5/12/2014 .... 
The following classes qualified and will be run next weekend in Las Vegas:
Saturday: G1 Mono, G2 Mono, G1 Crackerbox, G1 Outrigger, G1 Sport Hydro, G1 Cat, Jersey Skiff, Classic Thunderboat, Gas Tunnel; 
Sunday: Gas Rookie, GX1 Mono, GX2 Mono, GX1 Cat, GX1 Sport Hydro,  GX1 Outrigger, Open Offshore, GX1 Crackerbox, Open Oval .

4/19/2014 .... Information for the upcoming District Heat race in Las Vegas is now available from the Schedule page, which includes information on special hotel rates. Hotel rooms at the special price are limited so make your reservations quickly.

4/14/2014 .... The 
points from the Tucson District Heat Race are now available.

4/2/2014 .... Our thoughts go out to Ron Fassl Jr for the recent passing of his father Ron Sr. please see 
letter with more information.

3/24/2014 .... For those of you that haven't been before the West Texas Shootout for Autism is a great race supporting a great cause. As in past years there will be a District 7 vs. District 19 challenge for some good old fashion competition. This year's event is scheduled for April 24-27, for more information visit their website

3/21/2014 .... It's been brought to our attention that there is currently an issue with the RC Racing Events site that is used for entering most of our district races. This site is a free/independent site totally outside of District 19 and NAMBA's control, so unfortunately we can't say when it will be up and running again. The deadline for the next race it over 2 weeks away so there is plenty of time for the issues with the site to be worked out before then, but you can always enter directly with the host club by using the Club Contact email address shown on the Race Info page for that race.

3/10/2014 .... The 
points from the Havasu District Race are now available.

2/26/2014 .... There have been some corrections made to the 
points from the Las Vegas heat race - classes affected G-1 Outrigger, Rookie, GX-1 Crackerbox, and Open Offshore.

2/15/2014 .... Our hearts go out to Raul Escutia for the recent passing of his father, please see 
letter from Rob Martinez with more information.

2/14/2014 .... See 
letter regarding the new Zenoah Molybdenum Disulfide Pistons now being legal for various classes.

2/12/2014 .... The 
points from last weekend's district heat race are now available.

2/3/2014 .... The following classes qualified and will be run next weekend in Las Vegas: Saturday: G1 Mono, G2 Mono, G1 Crackerbox, G1 Outrigger, G1 Sport Hydro, G1 Cat, Jersey Skiff, Classic Thunderboat, Gas Tunnel;  Sunday: Gas Rookie, GX1 Mono, GX2 Mono, GX1 Cat, GX Sport Hydro, Open Offshore, GX2 Outrigger, GX1 Crackerbox.

1/27/2014 .... Please see 
letter for information regarding Anita Michaud service this weekend. Also for those going to the Havasu race in March there is some additional information regarding the hotel. 

1/25/2014 .... Our hearts go out to Jeff & John Michaud for the recent loss of their mother, please see 
letter from Rob Martinez with more information.

1/25/2014 .... Information for the Lake Havasu race is now available on the schedule page, also see
details letter from host club 

1/20/2014 .... Alert: Due to problems with the RCRacingEvents website, all entries for the Las Vegas race on Feb 8-9 will need to be emailed to Russ Stark at For those that have already entered via the RCRacingEvents page unfortunately you will need to re-enter as none of the current entry information was forwarded on to Russ as needed. Please remember to include in the email - your name, NAMBA number, classes and frequency for each.

1/18/2014 .... Race updates:
- Pahrump heat race: Unfortunately even though the park was happy to have us back we just found out that this same weekend Pahrump is having their biggest golf tournament that same weekend and both casinos are fully booked. So  the race is being moved to Las Vegas.
- Season opener: If you are planning on attending you'll want to enter the race and make your room reservations as they are starting to fill up.

1/8/2014 .... For those that run at the SCSTA Dan Ast asked that I post the attached 
guidelines for the FE Scale Hydro class that will be run this year.

1/5/2014 .... The lock at Legg Lake was rekeyed yesterday. For those of you needing a new key you can contact Kim and Mark Grim 714-890-3127 or Roger Pane 714-366-3358. Keys this year are $25 and you must show proof of current NAMBA membership.

12/21/2013 .... Class schedule for 2014 correction: Nitro/Elec Rookie was mistakenly listed as running on Saturday in the letter posted on 12/16/2013, Rookie will run on Sunday as it did this year.

12/16/2013 .... See 
letter from Rob Martinez summarizing the items discussed at the year-end district meeting. The 2014 race schedule has also been posted. A revised copy of the rules that will be used for this year's exhibition Gas Tunnel Class have been posted on the Rules page.

12/14/2013 .... Just wanted to let people know we are still working to finalize the 2014 schedule from last weekend's district meeting, as some issues with site availability came up after the meeting that we are working through. As soon as it's complete, it and the results of the voting will be posted here for review. 
For those of you that missed the district banquet we were treated to a special "character study" video by our resident camera man Vance Zanin. Vance has posted the 
video out on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. Anyone wanting a High Quality Hard Copy for $10 can email Vance at

12/4/2013 .... Please review this 
document containing preliminary rules for the new Gas Tunnel class, which will be discussed at the year-end District Meeting this weekend. The rules will not be voted on at the meeting, but instead presented in their updated form for vote at the first District race in 2014.

12/3/2013 .... For those attending the District Meeting/Banquet: For those interested we will be having the gift exchange again this year, gift price $20-$25. The district meeting starts at 12:00PM PST in the Scorpio Room, Happy Hour @ 6:00 PM, Dinner @ 7:00 PM. See you all soon.

11/30/2013 .... Note from Rob Martinez: Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. Look forward to seeing you net weekend at the district banquet. 

11/26/2013 .... Note from Steve Lopez: Thanks to all that have RSVP'd for the banquet. I'm happy to report that we made our minimum, and that we will be enjoying a very nice buffet dinner in the Scorpio Room and not chicken nuggets at McDonalds. Also the hotel group code "C-NAM13" has been extended until December 3rd, so for those who are still undecided about attending or spending the night. Again thanks for all the support, and I look forward to seeing all of you soon.

11/22/2013 .... Lenny Blake with Rum Racing Products asked me to pass this on - If you need to get a hold of him please call 602-918-0499, as his land line number is no longer in service.

11/20/2013 .... Please read the attached 
letter in regards to information that is desperately needed in regards to Sunset Park. The Vegas guys would appreciate any information anyone might have, no matter how small.

11/10/2013 .... The District 19 Awards Dinner may be in jeopardy. A total count is due very soon, and as of right now there are only 25 for dinner. The minimum they will buffet for is 50. If you have not yet signed up yet, please do so ASAP. If we can not make the 50 minimum we may be having dinner at "McDonalds".
Also of note for those planning on attending the SCSTA meeting the date posted originally was incorrect, the meeting will be on November 24th. All other information in the original 10/27/2013  posting (dated 10/27/2013) is still correct.

11/5/2013 .... Reminder for those planning on attending the year end awards banquet in Laughlin, please go out to the RC Racing Events and sign-up. See News item from 9/25/13 for more information.  Also the 
proposals to be discussed/voted on at the year end meeting are now available.

10/31/2013 .... Results from this year's NAMBA Elections are in, see 
letter from Ted with details.

10/28/2013 .... Reminder any rules proposals for discussion/voting on at the year end meeting need to be submitted to Ted McKay by this Thursday October 31st.

10/27/2013 .... For SCSTA members, the annual meeting will be held November 27 at 9:00am at Russ Stark's office, located at 500 Points Drive, Building 10, Suite 400, Brea, CA.

10/15/2013 .... The final year end 
points have now been posted, sorry for the delay.

10/9/2013 .... For those boaters that test out at Legg Lake, per the Parks department Legg Lake will be closed October 18th, 19th, and 20th. The park is having an event in that area and no RC boats will be allowed to run.

9/29/2013 .... The updates 
points from last weekend's SCSTA race are now available.

9/25/2013 .... Details regarding our annual awards banquet and year-end meeting are now available, see attached 
letter for more information.

9/11/2013 .... Note from Ted McKay/District Director: I just want to remind everyone that any rule proposals you wish to submit need to be to me no later than October 31st. Please submit your proposal stating the current rule you wish to change followed by your proposal and then why you feel the change is needed. If you have any questions please let me know. 

9/9/2013 .... The 
points from this weekend's heat race in Las Vegas are now posted. Also the

8/18/2013 .... Please see 
letter from Ted McKay regarding possible 3-day Havasu district heat race in 2014.

8/17/2013 ....

Due to unsolved problems with Bayfair the SCSTA Club race scheduled for Saturday September 14th in San Diego will be held instead on Sunday September 22nd at Legg Lake. Updates will be posted here as available. 

8/12/2013 .... The points from this weekend's heat race along with the latest SCSTA points are now available. Also if you plan on attending the Muncey race please let Dan Ast know by Wednesday evening, or 714-893-0948.

8/5/2013 .... Reminder that we will be voting on a proposal after racing on Saturday August 10. See News item below for the details of the proposal.

.... There is a proposal up for vote at the next district heat race (H2O Gassers - August 10-11) which will follow the Non Year-end Meeting/Rule Proposal process. The meeting will occur Saturday after the conclusion of racing at the lake.

6/29/2013 ... Web updates - Link to Vance's photos from the June Legg Lake heat race, and points from the latest SCSTA race.

6/22/2013 .... 
Letter from Ted McKay regarding upcoming elections.

6/11/2013 .... The updated points from last weekend's district heat race, along with the 
points from the Las Vegas heat race in May, are now loaded on the website.

5/30/2013 .... A link to Vance Zanin's photos from the Las Vegas Heat Race have been posted on 
Photos page. 

5/22/2013 .... The 2 Lap records event that was originally scheduled for this coming weekend has been rescheduled to June 29-30.

5/11/2013 .... For those going to the Las Vegas heat race next weekend, there has been a change in park entry procedures. No vehicles will be allowed on the grass until approximately 10am, was previously noted as 8am.

5/1/2013 .... The 
points from the SCSTA race on April 21 have been posted.

4/19/2013 .... The location for the May 18-19 Heat Race being put on by Outlaw Racing has been moved back to Las Vegas/Sunset Park. 

4/18/2013 .... The points have been updated to included this weekend's Heat Race in Tucson.

4/17/2013 .... Long time district 19 boater Frank Cocchiola has passed away, our thoughts go out to his family and friends. For those that would like to attend memorial services will be held this Saturday 4/20 at 2:30pm at the Oceanside Mortuary (602 South Coast Highway, Oceanside, CA 92054).  

4/16/2013 .... The location for the May 18-19 Heat Race being put on by Outlaw Racing has been moved to Legg Lake CA. More information on the race to follow as soon as it becomes available.

4/1/2013 .... The April NAMBA Propwash is now available online at There are several NAMBA proposals up for a vote, please take the time to vote and submit to the NAMBA office when you receive them.

3/13/2013 .... The 
points from this weekend's Heat Race are now posted.

3/7/2013 .... Location change for the May 18-19 Heat Race: Race being put on by Outlaw Racing that was originally scheduled to take place in Pahrump, NV is being moved to Sunset Park in Las Vegas, NV.

3/3/2013 .... For those of you the use Legg Lake, we've been informed by the Parks Department that it will be closed March 6-8.

3/2/2013 .... For those attending the San Diego Heat Race next weekend they are having a steak dinner Saturday evening after the race. If you're interested in participating they are asking that you let them know ahead of time, see the 
Race Info page for specifics.

2/22/13 .... The 
points from the Havasu Heat Race are now posted.

2/4/2013 .... The official website for the up-coming Nationals in Salt Lake City, Utah is now up and running. Click the following link to District 20's website to see it. I've also added a link to this on the Schedule page. 

1/27/2013 .... For those of you that run out at Legg Lake, Ron Buck found a box with various tools in it left at the lake last weekend (1/20/13). If you have lost such an item please contact Ron Buck at

1/26/2013 .... Please see 
letter regarding new Zenoah coated pistons for upcoming district heat races.

1/14/2013 .... For those of you needing a new key for Legg Lake you can contact anyone on the Legg Lake committee. Contact information for committee members: Kim and Mark Grim 714-890-3127,  and Roger Pane 714-366-3358 (Roger replaced Richard Sekigawa who's taking a break from the committee this year so please don't call him). Reminder keys are $35 and you must show proof of current NAMBA membership. 
Information for the Havasu Heat Race in February is now available from the 
Schedule page, please be sure to review attached map for updated pit setup instructions.

1/11/2013 .... The lock at Legg Lake was rekeyed today. Kim Grim will be at the lake Sunday with new keys for folks to purchase, proof of current NAMBA membership is required to purchase a key.

1/9/2013 .... The district 
rules have been updated to reflect the results of the various proposals that passed at the year-end district meeting. Click here to see a summary of the proposals and voting results. 

1/1/2013 .... Happy New Year! There were a few errors in the original posted
schedule, which have now been corrected. With the new year comes time for renewing your NAMBA membership which can now be done online with PayPal, go to under Announcements for details and link.
12/22/2012 .... The schedule for 2013 has been posted, see 
Schedule page for information.

12/3/2012 .... Message from Steve Lopez: I would like to thank those that have booked their rooms and RSVP'd for the Awards Banquet. For those who are attending the banquet and wish to play, we will be playing our traditional "Gift Game". Exchange items not to exceed $25, bring a gift, play the game. FYI... The room rate code C-MBA12 is still good and will be useable up to the date of our event.

11/24/2012 .... There were a few corrections made to the final year end
points, updated version now available.

11/22/2012 .... The annual SCSTA meeting has been rescheduled to Sunday December 2nd at 9:00am, all interested are invited. It will be at 500 Points Drive, Building 10, Suite 400; Brea, CA 92821.

11/14/2012 .... Due to lack of interest this weekend's Shootout has been cancelled. Any questions please contact Ted McKay.

11/13/2012 .... Proposals to be discussed at the year end meeting are now available for 

11/1/2012 .... Due to a scheduling conflict the SCSTA meeting scheduled for this weekend has been cancelled until future notice.

10/31/2012 .... The annual SCSTA meeting will be held November 3rd, all who are interested are invited. It will be held at 500 Points Drive, Building 10, Suite 400; Brea, CA 92821.

10/22/2012 .... Additional item: The 
SCSTA points have been updated to include points from the October 14th race.

10/22/2012 .... Reminder for those planning to attend the banquet: For those wishing to to enjoy the entire weekend, the Aquarius Hotel has offered us a special group rate. Call the Hotel @ 1-800-352-6464 and give them the ** C-MBA12  ** group rate number. See 
flyer for additional information.

10/21/2012 .... As in years past there will be a gift exchange at the banquet, if you want to participate gifts should be in the $20-$25.  

10/12/2012 .... If you plan on attending the year end awards banquet on December 8th in Laughlin please email Steve Lopez at with the number of attendees you'll have, as we're trying to give the hotel a prelimanry count for dinner.

10/3/2012 .... The year end 
points are now available.  Also the classes being offered at the next SCSTA race have changed, see race info page for details.

10/2/2012 .... There have been some changes in NAMBA leadership at the national level, please see 
letter from Ted McKay outlining them.

9/15/2012 .... Hotel information for this year's banquet in Laughlin is now available. Click 
here to see flyer.

9/2/2012 .... Reminder: Any rule proposals that you'd like voted on at the district meeting in December need to be submitted to Ted McKay by November 1st.

8/30/2012 .... The 
points have been updated with the results from the H2O Gassers 3 race last weekend.

8/27/2012 .... The SCSTA Muncey race originally scheduled for September 16 has been moved to October 14 and will now be held at Legg Lake.

8/19/2012 .... The
SCSTA points have been updated to include the points from their July 29th race.

8/16/2012 .... 
Points have been updated with results from the Camarillo Pond Rats heat race this last weekend.

8/6/2012 .... List of qualified classess for the upcoming CPR heat race (at Legg Lake) now posted, see
Race Info page for details.

7/27/2012 .... Attention: The Camarillo heat race has been moved to Legg Lake due to issues with the Camarillo site. Same date and entry procedures.

7/27/2012 .... The Tech Committee has revised the engine rulings due to the release of new Zenoah engine, see 
letter for details.

7/27/2102 .... Congratulations to our district members that attended the recent NAMBA Nationals back in New Hampshire, several class wins and records were set by them. You can see the results
here. Also congratulations go out to Lenny Blake who was inducted into the Hall Of Hame.

7/5/2012 .... 
Photos from the Fast Electric Nationals are now posted. They had 3 first time winners that got to take the dive into the lake (including our own Ted McKay and Leonard Feeback).

7/4/2012 .... 
Points from last weekend's SCSTA race have been posted.

6/25/2012 .... Don Ast asked me to remind folks that there is a SCSTA club race this weekend at Legg Lake. Information for it can be accessed via the link on the 
Schedule page.

6/12/2012 .... 
Points have been updated with results from the Pahrump race this last weekend.

6/11/2012 .... 
Photos from last weekend's heat race in Pahrump are now posted. We got to see a first time winner go for their traditional dip in the lake, a guy make a bad choice of barbers, experience a power outage at the hotel, and food, drinks and music was available at the site for all to enjoy.

5/29/2012 .... The NAMBA Fast Electric Nationals committee is looking for volunteers for dedicated turn marshalls to help Lenny Blake CD the event Wednesday June 20th through Saturday June 23rd which will be held at Legg Lake. Please make contact with David Newland at is you are interested in assisting with the event. Thank you!

5/29/2012 .... Additional items have been added to the For Sale page.

5/21/2012 .... Results from the voting that took place at the District Meeting last weekend were as follows: proposal from Roger Pane passed unanimously and proposal from Ron Buck failed.

5/12/2012 .... Hotel and camping information for the upcoming 
Pahrump Heat Race on June 9-10 is now available. Other race details are still pending and will be posted as soon as they are finalized.

5/6/2012 .... Photos from the District 7  West Texas Shootout for Autism Awareness are now available on the 
Photos page, courtesy of Al Waters.

5/2/2012 .... Schedule change: Our district race scheduled for June 9-10 at Legg Lake is being switched with the Las Vegas race scheduled for August 25-26. The June race will be hosted by the Las Vegas SSMBC and held at Pahrump, NV. The August race will be hosted by the H2O club and held as always at Legg Lake. SSMBC has requested this change because Sunset Lake site will not be available until next year and the temperatures in Pahrump in August would be too warm. Info on the site and rooms will be coming soon.

5/1/2012 .... Reminder that there are 2 proposals that will be voted on at the H2O race May 19th after racing concludes that afternoon. The proposals are listed below (News items 4/8 and 4/11). If your club is not going to attend this race and you wish to vote you need to assign someone to cast your vote. Please let Ted McKay know who that person will be in advance. If you have any questions please email Ted McKay.

4/26/2012 .... Notice from Donald Ast: The scale race scheduled for April 29th is cancelled. To those that entered thank you for your support.

4/16/2012 .... 
Points have been updated to included information from this weekend's race in Tucson.

4/15/2012 .... The proposal submitted and posted here on 4/11 has been removed and resubmitted with some chagnes, click 
here to see the new proposal for voting on at the May H2O Heat Race.

4/11/2012 .... Additional 
proposal for meeting at May H2O Heat Race.

4/8/2012 .... See 
letter from the District Director discussing the meeting that was initially planned for the March heat race weekend.  A meeting is planned for the H20 Heat Race in May, where we will be voting on the resubmitted proposal.  The District Rules have been updated to include the previous rulings / guidelines from Engine Tech Comittee and District Director to date.

4/6/2012 .... Zenoah EZ Start and NGK plug now allowed for Classic Thunderboat, see 
letter for details.

4/4/2012 ... Important notice for those boaters using the Legg Lake facility: Please read the following 
letter from the Legg Lake Committee regarding an on-going issue with parking in the park.

4/2/2012 .... The 2 Lap record event in May has been expanded to a 3 day event, and the Straight Line record event in October has been moved from the weekend of 12th-14th to 5th-7th. The 
Schedule page has been updated accordingly.

3/27/2012 .... 
Points have been updated to include last weekend's heat race in LA.

3/21/2012 .... Reminder: To sell items at Legg Lake you need a "park sales permit". We've been told that the parks department will be checking for them this weekend.

3/15/2012 .... A link to the schedule for the NAMBA Nationals has been added to the Schedule page.

3/13/2012 .... IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Due to the storm that is scheduled to hit the LA area this weekend, H2O Gassers have postponed the race scheduled for this weekend to March 24th and 25th. We hope you can still attend but if you are unable to you will not be responsible for the entry fees. If you can not attend please send an email cancelling your entries so that the heat sheets can be updated. No new entries are being allowed. 

3/12/2012 .... List of final 
qualifying classes for the upcoming race is now available.

3/11/2012 .... New "Next Race" link added to the top of News page, providing you a quick link to all the information for that race. The new race info page includes the link to the "Entries so far", current weather at the race location, and the email to enter the race.
3/4/2012 .... For Sale page updated with new items.

2/24/12 .... The penalties for running an illegal motor have been created and documented, please see 
letter from the District Director discussing the specifics. If you have any questions about he legality of your motor please contact one of the members of the Engine Tech Committee (see Contact page for their information).

2/23/12 .... For those interested in attending the SAW/Straight Line event next weekend, you need to pre-enter for the event. See Race information sheet on the 
Schedule page.

2/15/12 .... As discussed at the Havasu race the District Director has changed the entry deadline rule, as well as implemented a process for Non Year-end District Meetings - see document for details.  There is also a proposal up for vote at the next district heat race (H2O Gassers 1- March 17) which will follow the Non Year-end Meeting process mentioned above. Only current District 19 clubs will be able to vote on this proposal. The meeting will occur Saturday after the conclusion of racing at the lake.

2/5/12 .... For those attending the Heat Race in Havasu, the pizza vendor that was there last year would be back again this year at lunch time.

1/31/12 .... For those attending the Heat Race in Havasu on Feb 10-11, please read the following in regards to the 
Pit Gate Entrance procedure for bringing your equipment into the race site.

1/29/12 .... The 
For Sale page is back. Items will remain on the page for 30 days or until we've been notified that the item has sold. To have items added to the page, send email with specifics.

1/22/12 .... New Zenoah carburetor okay for Classic Thunderboat, see 
letter for details.

1/19/12 ....
Cyndy Whipps, a valued Tucson Model Boat Club member passed away yesterday from cancer. Cyndy was very active in their club, CD'ing club races and helping Richard Romero at the CD table during district races. Cyndy was a great help and will be missed.

1/16/12 .... I would like to thank Jimmy Cortright for helping us get our new district website up and running so that I could manage it on a day to day basis.

1/16/12 .... The Legg Lake Committee has just re-keyed the locks. Keys are $35 and proof of current NAMBA membership, contact the Grims at 714-890-3127.

1/15/12 .... The entry form for Havasu's Heat Race has been updated with information on where to send entries, see 
Schedule page for race information/entry form as well as the link to email in your entries. 

1-13-12 .... New engine tech committee appointed, see 
letter for details. Also note we have posted a link to the new WebEntry program on the schedule for TEST purposes only at this time.

1-5-12 .... Hotel information for the Havasu Heat Race has been added to their entry form. Other race infomation is still pending and will be updated as soon as available. 

12-21-11 .... We have 
photos from the banquet up on the website for viewing. 
12-15-11 .... The updated 
rules and schedule for 2012 have been posted to the website. Besides the modifications of various rules from the proposals voted on at the district meeting the rules themselves have be reorganized so that rules on similar topics are grouped together to make it easier to find. As information is received from the various clubs hosting races in 2012 we will update the schedule with links to the entry information for each.

12-01-11 .... For those of you planning to attend this year's District Meeting and/or Banquet in Laughlin on December 10th, the meeting will start at 11:00am and for the banquet cocktails will be at 6:00pm and dinner at 6:45pm.

11-29-11 .... Russ Stark will be having a raffle at the banquet to benefit the Marines toy drive, similar to the one he had at the World Cup race in Las Vegas back in October. If interested bring a toy to the banquet to receive a raffle ticket for 3 different prizes.

11-22-11 .... Insane Boats is having their annual raffle to raise money to help donate bikes to the Local VFW's Annual Bike Give Away in Pico Rivera, click 
here to see full details of the raffle.

11-21-11 .... If you are planning on attending this year's annual awards banquet, please email
Russ Stark with the number of people that will be attending so that he can provide final numbers to the hotel as soon as possible. Also there will be a gift exchange at the banquet like last year, if you'd like to participate gifts should be in the $20 range - just bring the wrapped gift to the banquet.

11-17-11 .... Ted McKay is looking for a volunteer to be the District Nitro Chairman for next year. Anyone interested should 
email him or talk to him this weekend at the Shootout.

11-10-11 …. Click here to see a list of the various classes and contestants that will be 

running at the Shootout, which will be held at Legg Lake on November 19.



11-10-11 …. There is an updated set of rule proposals for this year’s meeting. Proposal 18 in the original document was missing a sentence at the end – this has been corrected, also there were 2 proposals left out of the original – they have been added as proposals 20 & 21. All the other proposals are the same as previously posted, sorry for the confusion.

11-8-11 …. Here are the various rule proposals that will be discussed at this year’s district meeting in Laughlin on December 10. For those clubs eligible to vote at the meeting, please review and discuss them with your club members ahead of time. If for some reason you feel that a specific proposal may be missing from this list, please contact Russ Stark and if need be he can forward the additional proposal on for posting as needed.

11-4-11 …. The 2011 final SCSTA points standings are now available, which include the totals for Classic Thunderboat from the World Cup race last weekend.

11-2-11 .... Welcome to the newly designed NAMBA District 19 Website. The new site is still under construction so check back for updates. If you have any questions or concerns with the site, please contact Tracy Osborne at

10-11-2011 .... The NAMBA Propwash for October is now available online on the NAMBA web site. Enjoy the reading with the new page flipping program. You should have also received your voting ballots for NAMBA President, NAMBA Vice President, and District 19 Director. It is your opportunity to be heard. Please vote.

10-10-2011 .... More information is available for the upcoming District 19 Meeting and Awards Banquet. Please click HERE.

10-06-2011 .... The annual meeting will be at Harrah's in Laughlin, Nevada on December 10th, 2011. Rooms will be $29.99 a night and dinner will be $20.00.

We will be making some very big changes to the way our district will race next year. Everyone that is interested should get their club dues paid up and come out to vote.

Shootout will be on November 19th. Send a message to me at and let me know if your participating.

All district rule proposals need to be submitted by October 31, 2011. They will be posted on the district web site for everyone to read on November 1, 2011

10-05-2011 .... And we have photos from the BBQ and awards ceremony from the Justin Hill Memorial Race this past weekend.

10-04-2011 .... The 2011 final points standings are now available after the Justin Hill Memorial Race hosted by SMB held in Tempe this past weekend.
Contact your appropriate chairman if you are interested in participating in the Top Gun Shootout in November at Legg Lake.

10-03-2011 .... This e-mail came in from Henery Velasco... I was just informed this morning by his daughter that Russ Jackson (former owner of RC Boat works) passed away Sunday. Russ and I where good friends and we kept in touch often -- I will miss him and our conversations