District 19


12/1/2018 .... It is with great sadness that we post the lose of another long time district 19 member - Dan Ast, who passed away earlier today. Dan’s boating passion was the scale classes, running nitro scale unlimited and sport classes for many years, as well as building them for other racers. Our thoughts go out to his brother Don during this difficult time.


11/18/2018 .... It has been brought to my attention that I forgot to include one of the proposals in my earlier posting. Please see updated proposals listing that includes it (#21 at the very end).


11/15/2018 .... For those planning to attend the year-end meeting, here are the proposals that will be discussed / voted on at the meeting.


11/6/2018 .... See flyer for information on this year's banquet and year-end meeting. Hotel reservations must be made by 11/23 to get the discounted rate.


10/30/2018 .... Reminder - All proposals to be voted on at the year-end meeting need to be sent in by tomorrow.




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Upcoming Races:

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                     Banquet / Meeting - 12/8


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