District 19


3/22/2020 .... In order to comply with State and Federal COVID-19 Guidelines we will be postponing our Tucson District 19 Race # 3 on April 18th-19th 2020. As we all know gatherings of more than 10 people are not permitted. Therefore, this race must be postponed, and a new date will be determined as soon as possible.
We will keep you updated on the status of our upcoming races. Let’s all work together, be mindful of each other and maintain social distance while in public.We wish you and your family’s safety and good health.

Please also see additional note from our NAMBA President Alan Hobbs. 

3/20/2020.... For those that use Legg Lake: We have been notified by the parks department that until further notice it is closed for model boating, this includes both for organized events and fun / individual test running. We will post additional updates as soon as we know more.

3/12/2020 .... The points from this weekend's heat race in Needles are now available.  

2/16/2020 .... The points from last week's first heat race of 2020 are now available. Only 3 weeks till the next race in Needles - sign up now. 




Fun, Fun, & More Fun!

Upcoming Races:

                     4/18-4/19  Tucson  

                     10/17-10/24 Nationals 

​                      Huntsville, Alabama


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