District 19


7/15/2017 .... The SCSTA race that was originally scheduled for July 9th has been rescheduled to August 20th, see Schedule page for info. Also the points from the June SCSTA race are now available.

7/6/2017 .... The SCSTA race scheduled for Sunday July 9th has been cancelled due to lack of entries/interest.

6/21/2017 .... For those attending this weekend's SCSTA race: Ron Buck will be supplying Cincinnati Chili until it's gone for lunch.

6/15/2017 .... The points from this weekend's Heat Race in El Monte are now available.

5/31/2017 .... The points from last weekend's SCSTA race are now available.

5/9/2017 .... Information has been added for the next Scale and Heat races, see Schedule page for info.




Fun, Fun, & More Fun!

Upcoming Races:

                     8/12-8/13 - S El Monte

                     8/20 - S El Monte

                     10/21-10/28 - Nationals


RC Model Boat Racing in Arizona, Southern California, Southern Nevada, and Southern Utah