District 19


10/12/2019 .... Information for the upcoming year end meeting and banquet is now available, see flyer for details. Remember - all rule proposals to be discussed at the meeting need to be sent in by November 1st. 

9/29/2019 .... The points from this weekend's heat race in Tempe are now available. 

8/29/2019 .... The updated points from this weekend's heat race are now available.

8/10//2019 .... The points from this last weekend's heat race at Legg Lake are now available.

8/9/2019 .... Information for the upcoming Heat Race on Aug 24-25 is now available. .

5/6/2019 .... The points from this weekend's heat race in Tucson are now available.




Fun, Fun, & More Fun!

Upcoming Races:

                     All done for season 

                     All done for season 

                     10/25-10/27 - WorldCup 

                     Las Vegas


RC Model Boat Racing in Arizona, Southern California, Southern Nevada, and Southern Utah