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3/30/2021 ... Message from District Director/ Richard Romero:

2021 District 19 Heat Racing Points Series has been officially canceled due to the following race cancelations.
- Our Tucson Race has been canceled. We could not meet Pima County’s COVID requirements. Our Governor has removed the mask mandate and has opened businesses once again, but our Mayor is not in agreement.
- We have also had to cancel our May Tempe race because we could no longer secure the site. I spoke with the Tucson Model Boat Club to see if they would pick up the May race date, and at this time they feel they will not be able to meet the COVID requirements.
- Our Pahrump race dates have been moved to Sunset Park where Sin City Racing and Outlaw Racing will be putting on a three-day event. It will not be a district points race, but it will be supported by the district.
Let’s support these two clubs ,please sign up and we'll see you in Vegas! (see news item dated 3/18 for more info)

Please understand that our district schedule has a few hurdles we must jump thru every year. Some sites can only be used during certain times of the year, and other sites get way too hot to race at period.
I have looked at multiple race sites and we are currently working on a handful of sites for future races, but none of these sites would have worked in 2021.
As I sit here typing this at midnight, at home for the past week sick (NON- COVID). I think about my fellow members and the families of those who lost someone to this terrible virus. Trust me, I too want to get back to seeing you all and racing, but we need to make sure we can do it safely and within our site’s guidelines.
I know there has been some talk about the current issue we are having at Legg Lake. Please know we are currently working on it and we have made some great progress on getting this resolved.
I look forward to seeing you at this year’s 50th NAMBA Nationals at Legg Lake where it all started!
Please don't forget to sign up before April 30th for your chance to win a ARTR Gas Mono!
See you at the pond, Richard Romero

3/18/2021 ... See flyer regarding gas race being held in Vegas in June. Note this is a fun/special race and not part of our district point series. 

3/9/2021 ... Please see attached for information on services for Leonard Feeback (original post on 2/3). 




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