District 19


3/18/2017 .... Various updates:

- The points from last weekend's Heat Race in Needles are available.

- The May Heat Race original scheduled to be held in Pahrump has been moved to Las Vegas.

2/14/2017 .... The points from this weekend's Heat Race are now available. For those that attended the race Jim Foster with the LBMBC asked that we share the following:

I hope all that attended the Havasu Race had a good time. I would like to thank all of you who helped make it happen. We collected $980 at the raffle for the Leo Club retrieval boat kids so the club wrote them a check for $1,000. There were very excited and for me they did a great job. Again Thanks for all your help.

2/4/2017 .... For Legg Lake boaters: New keys will be available on Saturday February 18th and Sunday February 19th between 10am and 2pm at the pond. If you are unable to be there, you may contact Roger Pane @714-366-3358 or Steve Lopez @ 310-351-0744 after the 19th to get a key. Due to facility improvements made this year the price of keys will be $35, please try to bring cash. You must have your 2017 NAMBA card and some form of ID to purchase your key.




Fun, Fun, & More Fun!

Upcoming Races:

                     4/8-4/9 - Tucson, AZ

                     4/23 - S El Monte


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