RC Model Boat Racing in Arizona, Southern California, Southern Nevada, and Southern Utah


District 19


Upcoming Races:

                     2/10-2/11 - Havasu

                     3/24 - S El Monte

                     10/20-10/27 - Nationals




Fun, Fun, & More Fun!


11/30/2017 .... For those planning on attending this year's banquet, please see letter on RSVP-ing for it.

11/26/2017 ... Russ has volunteered to MC our gift giving game again this year! For those of you that attended last year’s banquet it was an absolute BLAST! Please remember to keep your purchases under $25.00.The more creative the better, shop wisely and we will see you in a few weeks.

11/16/2017 .... We discovered an issue with one of the proposals posted yesterday, the document has been updated as needed.

11/15/2017 .... Proposals to be discussed and voted on at the year-end meeting are complete, see document for details on each of them.

11/9/2017 .... A updates relating to our upcoming year-end meeting/banquet:

- Please see document for information on the meeting/banquet, including hotel rates and times.

- Due to the fact this year’s NAMBA Nationals were held in our district during the month of October, we will be extending the deadline for new rule proposals to November 13th 2017. As normal proposals will be posted on the district web site by November 15th to allow ample time for voting members to review prior to the meeting. Remember the author (or their representative) of the proposal must be present at the district meeting in order for the rule to be modified.