District 19


11/27/2019 .... There was an additional proposal submitted after the normal deadline, which the submitter forgot to send with his others. We've added it to the end of the proposals document as a possible proposal #11 for review. If there are any objections to have it discussed/voted on at the year-end meeting please let Richard Romero know. 

11/18/2019 .... The proposals that will be reviewed and voted on at this year's year end meeting are now available for review. 

10/12/2019 .... Information for the upcoming year end meeting and banquet is now available, see flyer for details. Remember - all rule proposals to be discussed at the meeting need to be sent in by November 1st. 

9/29/2019 .... The points from this weekend's heat race in Tempe are now available. 

8/29/2019 .... The updated points from this weekend's heat race are now available.

8/10//2019 .... The points from this last weekend's heat race at Legg Lake are now available.

8/9/2019 .... Information for the upcoming Heat Race on Aug 24-25 is now available. .




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                     All done for season 

                     All done for season 

                     All done for season


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