District 19


6/17/2019 .... The points from the June 8-9 heat race at Legg Lake are now available.

5/6/2019 .... The points from this weekend's heat race in Tucson are now available.

5/1/2019 .... It is with great sadness that I post about the passing of another boater from our District 19 family - Bobby Tom, who passed away yesterday. Bobby hasn't raced actively in several years, but you can't think of the good old days of racing outboards without thinking fondly of him and his infectious smile. Boating wasn't just a hobby for Bobby but his profession, as he worked for years at both K&B and Airtronics. Our thoughts are with his family and friends during this difficult time.  


4/13/2019 .... The points from last weekend's heat race in Las Vegas are now available.

3/11/2019 .... The points from this weekend's heat race in Needles are now posted.

2/14/2019 .... The points from this last weekend's heat race in Havasu are now available.




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Upcoming Races:

                     8/3-8/4 - Legg Lake 

                     7/21 - Legg Lake 

                     7/7-7/14 - NAMBA

                     Nationals - Salt Lake City


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