District 19


4/13/2019 .... The points from last weekend's heat race in Las Vegas are now available.

3/11/2019 .... The points from this weekend's heat race in Needles are now posted.

2/14/2019 .... The points from this last weekend's heat race in Havasu are now available.

1/17/2019 .... For those that use Legg Lake routinely:

Kent ,Roger, and Steve will be at Leggs Lake on Saturday Jan 26th and Sunday Jan 27th from 10 am to 2 pm to sell the new keys for the locks. Please make sure you have your current 2019 NAMBA card with you or NO key. We have decided this year we will be lowering the price of the keys will be $20. With that being said if we have some unforeseen expenses this next year we might have go back to $35. Please try to bring correct amount with you. If you can’t make it those days, please call Steve Lopez @562-631-8596 or Roger Pane @714-366-3358 to make arrangements to get one. Check the Legg Lake Model Boat Clubs web page for more information if needed.

1/7/2019 .... For those planning to attend the Havasu Heat Race in February, information on the group rate at the hotel are now available. Rooms are limited so it's recommended you make your reservations early. See Race Info page for details.




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Upcoming Races:

                     4/6-4/7 - Las Vegas 

                     3/17 - Legg Lake 

                     2/23-2/24 - FE Winter

                      Warmups / Scottsdale


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